Friday, March 29, 2019

Fooling around with Textures

I have realised, my pictures of time spent with Special K are more of process documentation rather than finished products. I love the process and especially to know how engrossed a kid can be with simple activities. Being a full time stay/work at home mum, comes with its challenges but amazing blessings as one can spend time with their little ones. Monetarily wise few months might have gone as an adventure but getting those wonderful questions, cute smiles always win. Though I want people to know there are times I  lose my patience and end up  reminding myself that this phase is not going to last long. So Enjoy and Learn.

Here we are using treasures found in our walks along with play doh accessories on air dry clay.. we created few paper weights.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Creating Tunnels

I might have mentioned earlier Special K loves Clocks, Cars,Trains,Dolls House and Cooking. One of the cold mornings, I had to dip thru my Pinterest board to try an activity that could give me atleast few 20 mins so that I could do few admin work. This was great. The original activity link here

I had few foam board/cards left from foam sticker pack from Wilko. Always keep a bag of crafty stuff nearby, one never knows what can come handy.

Special K played with it till his big cars got stuck and Lego man didn't want to come out of the tunnel. We varied the shape a bit so that it keeps him engrossed, Made the line straight, lined the tunnels up near to edge of the table..etc etc.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Painting Big-ish Scale

 In January while I was working on my first Mural in London for Children's Library at Preston Road Community Library, (the link here), Special K had fun watching me struggle and enjoy painting at big scale. Our flat was in a mess that time, but he was so patient that I really wanted him to enjoy big scale too.

I had this Big Canvas from Tiger Shop (few years old now), I didn't like what I had painted on it and was using it more as a creative mark making board than anything. I gave him some paints, got the surface ready, he loved it. It didnt keep him busy fir very long but he did really enjoy it. I sometimes envious of a kids mark making skills, they are so carefree in their brush strokes. Acrylics again, an old plate for canvas and few old brushes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Painting our Castle

I always wanted a great unique looking Doll House for Special K. So when our niece and nephew found the wooden castle in Micheals (Toronto), we had to get it for him. Well it didn't really help that he was walking around with this big thing in the shop hugging as if it was a teddy bear. The Caste opens up revealing staircase and rooms etc. So even though we didnt have much space in our luggage this castle flew all the way from Toronto in our Suitcase.

I wanted to paint it, so the best thing was to do paint it with him. Or actually let him paint it.
Truly loved his concentration while painting it, we painted it Earthly Ochre and after few weeks, Amazing Blue.I will post once we have decided what colour we would like to stick too. We use Acrylic paint and we do use a Tarpaulin when we do messy play/art play along with his apron.

The quality isn't that great of this castle, I must add. The handles came off first then the stairs and then the door...So it does require constant mending.But he does love hiding his dinosaurs or Cars in it.                                                                              

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Looking forward to Spring

We have been enjoying looking at daffodils and various other flowers coming out, Lil one loves looking at them, smelling them. So this activity seemed perfect to keep him busy for few minutes and learn about seeds. We used some egg cartons, got some compost, seeds and started planting.
Everyday we look at the growth of little seedings which such a joy.
Our Miss Cornflower was the quickest to show , then cherry tomatoes. Lets see what comes up 
next:-) Need to see what are we going to do one these are all ready to be potted.....

Lil one enjoyed spooning compost in the egg cartons and then planting the seeds.A pretty easy and soothing activity to do if your lil one still likes eating earth or small things then maybe don't introduce this activity yet.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Mural at PrestonRoad Community Library for Children's Section

I was super thrilled that my proposal for the Mural got such a positive response at the Preston Road Library. Though creating the artwork I must say came with its set of challenges, especially that I worked on it in my small studio space, had to carry it down hill, asking our Airbnb Guest help take of Special K.
The artwork has been done on Perspex sheet, though its best and more long lasting if one paints on the front side of perspex, I painted on the right side so that kids can feel the texture of the paint/the brushstrokes. For additional sensory add on I added Felt leaves along with few other textures and colourful perspex discs.
Am so grateful for my other half to make this video for me. I love his documentary/factual style of filmmaking.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Make Believe City

So far we have been very lucky to have both of us (parents) work from home most of the time, we cherished the times that we got to spent with little one. Few days we had bright ideas, few days none, few days were filled with teary eyes while others were filled with cuddles and more cuddles.

After he turned 2 years, it got bit more exciting, he is amazing at communicating and so fun to be with. The main thing that puzzles me is that he is really into trains, cars and trucks without any kind of encouragement from us. We have always been very conscious of getting gender equivalent toys or stories etc.

I love playing trains with him, though his Grandmom really showed me that he has was ready to make train stops and take it much further. Experience is a wonderful thing most of the time.
Here we are using Blocks and Trains to make a believe city, Taking a Gorilla on a ride with ticket. He is 2 and couple of months, we love ikea train tracks and mega blocks along with lego blocks.