Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Illustrator’s Guide to Procreate


Last weekend I bought Ruth Burrows book - The illustrators guide to Procreate. It’s a gift to myself when I was buying mid year gifts for the family- well actually I didn’t need an occasion to buy this book as I simply just needed it is a good enough reason. 

I have been saving online classes link and workshops on skillshare to learn and practice more on procreate but as those are all online I seem to never add that to my list of practicing. Hence I needed this book.I have been following Ruth’s work for awhile and I have been a fan of her colour usage. 

The still life above are based on my inspiration picture from Italian and is created using her first project from the book - Still life.

This was really fun and with easy tips mentioned in the book, this was fun to achieve. Though next time I will make sure I add a time limit how much I want to dedicate to these practice sessions. 

Friday, April 21, 2023

South Asian -ROOTS - Exhibition Series by Arts Etobicoke

I am super chuffed to be one of the 13 South Asian artists to be selected for this show! Don't worry if you can't make it - you can enjoy the audio tour - hear my sleepy voice (I have been told its calming)

This series celebrates the diverse cultural backgrounds of people in Etobicoke with a specific focus on origins, culture, and migration. We will honour, explore, and learn about these different cultures throughout the year, starting with a celebration of South Asian roots featuring 13 South Asian artists.

Below are the two of my paintings that are displayed, you can see the exhibition in person till MAY 2nd. If you can't don't worry Arts Etobicoke with help of artists have arranged an AUDIO TOUR and its beautiful to hear them introduce their works.

I feel so blessed to be selected for this curated show and can't my dear husband enough to help me come up with bolder titles.


'I choose Joy'


Do you reckon JOY is a choice

Do you feel that if you just change your focus - distract with a nicer thought you- break your pattern you might be able to pull yourself out of negative thought process? 

Let me know what you think?

Early April I got two different news - which raised emotions of varied ends. Job that I loved got terminated due to a stupid glitch and The same night I experienced the support and love at a beautiful Opening night of my group exhibition!

I felt high on this beautiful energy of other artists, family and friends! And to think that due to news I received I didn't even feel like going! I was simply going to keep myself away from this Joy.  

 I don't know what challenges or adversaries you might face, remember no matter how difficult it might can sneak in a bit of JOY!

oil painting of steel mugs  framed on wall. Books and two table lamps are on the table
CLING CLAN - Oil Painting 

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Time of the month

I am feeling the blues since past few days not sure why. It’s easy to blame the time of the month,If you know then you know. 

I have started disliking going on Instagram or Facebook, I feel so underachieved in so many segments of life. I know it’s mostly like because I haven’t painted in a while and this most likely a painting deprived anxiety. 

Do you ever experience that or a similar anxiety? 
It’s also reduction in self reflect time that creates this for me.Even though there are millions of ideas floating by in terms of creating with Keanu, tidying the house, organizing my admin pile of work and spending time with Cesco or myself, I feel energy deprived…. Inspired yet demotivated, found but lost, among my own but still alone, Will to move but not strong enough to step forward. 

At the end it’s a phase isn’t it?! I am just in my resting phase maybe?
An artwork of tea cosy I did forlegion experience museumI as part of a diorama. I feel like that teapot right now, want to hide and be all cosy and protected. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Loud thinking

Notes to Myself- by Hugh Prather left a big mark on me not sure what about it? Am not even sure it was the book or my sister’s trust in my weird sensibilities that encouraged me to read n get to love this book. Many moons back my sister while studying in uni got me this book, inside it there was a note by her  ‘I didn’t understand it but I know you will’ 

Anyways if you haven’t had a chance to come across this book, this what I found online that best describes it- ‘The book serves as a beginning for the reader's exploration of his or her own life and as a treasury of thoughtful and insightful reminders.’  

The simplicity of the words,  the insights shared feel they are shared as not really to inspire but they are truly genuinely meant as a loud thought.  I love the tag line too- my struggles to be a person. 
I felt a kinship with the words, as I haven’t shared this much before when I was young I used to write poems : my writing that time and I still feel is as if I am just typing my loud thoughts. They make sense in my head, these also make sense randomly but at the same time these also feel vague and simple. 
So why all this about the book, you may ask ( if somebody is actually reading this)? Well mainly to say I am planning to start it again and share my thoughts here… notes to myself these might be helpful to some or one. Who knows?! But I need to do this for myself definetly to help clear my head and understand myself more as part of my this year resolution. 
If you have read the book let me know or if are planning to let me know what you think once you read it! 

Sunday, August 28, 2022

010 week 1 stop animation and stickers dinosaurs

Week 1 progress - Keanu made some stickers which we are still waiting to receive.  The stickers are drawings of different dinosaurs.  
And Keanu also made his space movie 2 with few words and special effects. You can watch it below. 

Sunday, August 21, 2022

O1O has decided to start a business, we are starting with this blog to announce it. 
‘O1O’ is the name of the shop/ brand - which means over 1 object a week. 

We have various ideas what we could make and sell so we will be taking it as a weekly project.
He is starting grade 1 this year so he will be pretty busy but he is sure he can focus on this as well as his playing and studying. 

Watch this space for more updates
Keanu Bori