Friday, April 21, 2023

South Asian -ROOTS - Exhibition Series by Arts Etobicoke

I am super chuffed to be one of the 13 South Asian artists to be selected for this show! Don't worry if you can't make it - you can enjoy the audio tour - hear my sleepy voice (I have been told its calming)

This series celebrates the diverse cultural backgrounds of people in Etobicoke with a specific focus on origins, culture, and migration. We will honour, explore, and learn about these different cultures throughout the year, starting with a celebration of South Asian roots featuring 13 South Asian artists.

Below are the two of my paintings that are displayed, you can see the exhibition in person till MAY 2nd. If you can't don't worry Arts Etobicoke with help of artists have arranged an AUDIO TOUR and its beautiful to hear them introduce their works.

I feel so blessed to be selected for this curated show and can't my dear husband enough to help me come up with bolder titles.


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