Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Illustrator’s Guide to Procreate


Last weekend I bought Ruth Burrows book - The illustrators guide to Procreate. It’s a gift to myself when I was buying mid year gifts for the family- well actually I didn’t need an occasion to buy this book as I simply just needed it is a good enough reason. 

I have been saving online classes link and workshops on skillshare to learn and practice more on procreate but as those are all online I seem to never add that to my list of practicing. Hence I needed this book.I have been following Ruth’s work for awhile and I have been a fan of her colour usage. 

The still life above are based on my inspiration picture from Italian and is created using her first project from the book - Still life.

This was really fun and with easy tips mentioned in the book, this was fun to achieve. Though next time I will make sure I add a time limit how much I want to dedicate to these practice sessions. 

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