Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Time of the month

I am feeling the blues since past few days not sure why. It’s easy to blame the time of the month,If you know then you know. 

I have started disliking going on Instagram or Facebook, I feel so underachieved in so many segments of life. I know it’s mostly like because I haven’t painted in a while and this most likely a painting deprived anxiety. 

Do you ever experience that or a similar anxiety? 
It’s also reduction in self reflect time that creates this for me.Even though there are millions of ideas floating by in terms of creating with Keanu, tidying the house, organizing my admin pile of work and spending time with Cesco or myself, I feel energy deprived…. Inspired yet demotivated, found but lost, among my own but still alone, Will to move but not strong enough to step forward. 

At the end it’s a phase isn’t it?! I am just in my resting phase maybe?
An artwork of tea cosy I did forlegion experience museumI as part of a diorama. I feel like that teapot right now, want to hide and be all cosy and protected. 

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