Friday, April 21, 2023

'I choose Joy'


Do you reckon JOY is a choice

Do you feel that if you just change your focus - distract with a nicer thought you- break your pattern you might be able to pull yourself out of negative thought process? 

Let me know what you think?

Early April I got two different news - which raised emotions of varied ends. Job that I loved got terminated due to a stupid glitch and The same night I experienced the support and love at a beautiful Opening night of my group exhibition!

I felt high on this beautiful energy of other artists, family and friends! And to think that due to news I received I didn't even feel like going! I was simply going to keep myself away from this Joy.  

 I don't know what challenges or adversaries you might face, remember no matter how difficult it might can sneak in a bit of JOY!

oil painting of steel mugs  framed on wall. Books and two table lamps are on the table
CLING CLAN - Oil Painting 

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