Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Buffalo, Newyork State, U.S -Allentown

Second part of our quick travels was Buffalo, Newyork State, U.S. Why did we choose Buffalo? we wanted something near Toronto in U.S and both of us had no clue of this part of the Newark State.We reached monday afternoon with Megabus - pretty decent ride (forgot to book front seats), time taken at customs was decent too.We stayed at Adam's Mark , Buffalo hotel ; its pretty good for location as its literally in downtown Buffalo. People like us who like to walk and explore,couldn't have asked for more, though I did need to get used to the time waiting /confusing pedestrian crossing.Oh yes, don't miss out on breakfast buffet the hotel does...we stuffed ourselves...:-)Below are few pics from my best part of the city -Walk to AllentownAllentown boasts a thriving cultural and artistic scene and a large selection of bars, restaurants, and funky shops. I couldn't resist taking pictures of the houses on Trinity Street.....just look at those amazing colours.


  1. Hi Parmeet,

    Your photos are beautiful ! What a wonderful time you must have had. I love those little wooden houses ! They're so pretty, I just want to sit on their poaches and what the world go by.

    1. :-) i felt the same. we spoke to a couple briefly enjoying their bowl of cereals on their porch seeing the world go by.:)