Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Textile Design Lab: – “Tidal Beachcomber” Collections & Fashion Vignette

I have recently been taking up the Sellable sketch course at Textile Design Lab, which has been truly beneficial in my process of launching myself as a Freelance Print Designer.

At the same time I find the Chelsea's Challenge real fun to work on, these are monthly Design challenges where one gets to develop a whole collection of patterns. The forum consists of lovely bunch of designers who are motivational and helpful if one is stuck. Its just nice to have a different pair of eyes looking at one's work.

Last Month Challenge was about  WGSN story - 'Tidal Beachcomber'  and :-)
My work has been showcased among few other designers on their blog  woohoooo!!

.....its such a push to do more exciting work for my portfolio.

                         Came across the post being shared at Fashion Vignette too :-) chuffed