Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh! How I love Fall!!!

Beautiful Sunshine, Pleasant Breeze and Absolutely stunning colours...
Nature at its best like any other season. Am sharing few pictures from our walk on Humber Trail, Toronto.Grateful that we live so near the trail.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Movie Posters & Me

I shared with you almost a year back the poster I did for Movie 'Sidetracked'. I throughly enjoyed the process. This month I had a chance to work on a poster for a Documentary 'intimate Despair' made in Toronto. Really chuffed that Client was really happy with it.

Here is the link to know more about the Documentary 'intimate Despair'

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jovoto - UNICEF Card Design Challenge

Like always I feel very inspired when am working on a Jovoto challenge. Its especially inspiring as it fun environment on the site with other creatives, genuine feedback and great comments...on top of that you get to see such wonderful submission.

The current project that i worked on enabled me to have fun with water colours designing card for UNICEF. Below are my entries let me know what you think :-)
 Stash Under the Tree
 Tree full of Festive Cheer

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Printed Village ----- the Winner is !!!!!

Some of you might remember the post of my first Printed Village submission.  I submitted for May again for their  "Floral Challenge",  practically last minute.
It was wonderful to receive email from them saying, Am one of the 3 finalists and winner will be announced in 2 days time. How exciting!!

After a lot of instagram voting and checking every now and then,I couldn't check anymore due to excitement and nervousness. Received a call from my Niece...."you have won".
I won!!! Thank you so much everyone out there for your support and love.

Here is the artwork thats going to be printed on scarves soon and will be available at Printed Village site.

They have a Nautical Theme going on right now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Buffalo, Newyork State, U.S -Allentown

Second part of our quick travels was Buffalo, Newyork State, U.S. Why did we choose Buffalo? we wanted something near Toronto in U.S and both of us had no clue of this part of the Newark State.We reached monday afternoon with Megabus - pretty decent ride (forgot to book front seats), time taken at customs was decent too.We stayed at Adam's Mark , Buffalo hotel ; its pretty good for location as its literally in downtown Buffalo. People like us who like to walk and explore,couldn't have asked for more, though I did need to get used to the time waiting /confusing pedestrian crossing.Oh yes, don't miss out on breakfast buffet the hotel does...we stuffed ourselves...:-)Below are few pics from my best part of the city -Walk to AllentownAllentown boasts a thriving cultural and artistic scene and a large selection of bars, restaurants, and funky shops. I couldn't resist taking pictures of the houses on Trinity Street.....just look at those amazing colours.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Visit to Montreal, QC, Canada

After a long planning and going through a list of places we wanted to visit we ended up dividing the quick holiday into two small holidays - Montreal, QC, Canada and Buffalo, New York, US.

We had lovely 3 days in Montreal, booked in Samesun Montreal Central , met lovely people and it was walking distance to most of the places we wanted to visit.I used to get up with beautiful fragrances of freshly Baked Croissants every morning.We managed to cover few touristy and few not so touristy bits...and few amazing cafes.One has to visit Kahwa Cafe on Avenue du Mount Royal E,had beautiful decor and great sandwiches here. The second favourite was a small patisserie just opposite Kahwa Cafe but very tiny sitting space and it was already crowded with the queue so we couldn't get to have sit down experience here.  
We came across Cafe KAFEIN too loved the arts vibe of it and the food. Sandwiches made from Focaccia with grilled vegetables was amazing, loved the baskets these are served in along with few crisps and small portion on salad. we even tried their soup and lemonade really a delight.

Came across loads of runners sprinting up and down on Mount Royal, which was amazing to see.Loved the graffiti filled walls, the walk on Rue DULUTH reminded me of walking on Portobello market, London.

The only thing we didn't like was, too many smokers on the road, found it bit difficult to pass the second hand smoking.

Enough talking here are few pics from the trip.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dishoo Soaps- New Products in Spring/Summer launch

Last year I introduced the label "Dishoo - handmade gorgeous soaps" :-) well they just launched their new products including candy like soaps. They have introduced sleep salves, hand creams, lip balms, solid massage bars and pregnancy belly butters. The brand uses the best ingredients all natural and wonderful essential oils.

I loved working on the packaging and branding, They had their first Spring Craft fair already and the response was awesome.Here are few pics of the labels in design process and the banners that were used on the craft table ;-) cute eh! with coloured pencils and play doh! I had real fun using watercolours and then Playing around with Photoshop.

They are launching their Etsy shop soon, would be exciting to show the final packaging pics!


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Painting as a Gift - Buddha Acrylics on Canvas

After scratching my head for a while of what special I could gift my sis, who has everything :-)
Decided to do a painting for her office. Then realised I don't have my usual colours stash here in Toronto, Dollarama was quite handy, bought canvas from there along with few colours.Had fun working on the lotus and Buddha background with metallics....yes metallics were brought from Dollarama too!!
Well she was super pleased with it and I got few more contracts/ requests for paintings!!

My other half edited/complied a video from my sis and her kids which she didn't have (well actually hadn't even ever seen before videos). It was such a laugh, we had to play it on loop for the sheer fun!!