Saturday, October 31, 2015

Old Projects

Its good time to finish small old personal projects from the bag.Why delay it further what you can do today, right? Its always easy to find an excuse  to put things to later for certain projects, most of us do. Well recently am bringing my old projects out of the bags and trying to cross them of my list- be it something I want to learn or something I started long back but stopped it as was too busy with work.

The Below Portraits are of, me and my better half (he looks quite serious here) from our Marrakech pictures. I loved the colours so planned to do pencil shading with colourful textile folds of scarves.
Pretty Pleased with it.Earlier on the blog I had already shown my portrait but just finally finished other half's portrait. I love how the odours looks hen put together,

Me with my beautiful scarf

us together 

Trying the new headgear

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