Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We are Open!! @ Folksy and Etsy

we have opened up our online shops on Folksy and Etsy (yes both :-)) 
We will keep listing new ranges and other crafty bits as we go along. Do keep visiting us and buying too.

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Do visit us :-)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Loving Patterns

Wonderful world of colour and patterns!! 

Past few days I have been working on the below artwork. Leaving my usual habit of rushing and finishing something in couple of hours, I specifically wanted to challenge my paitence while standing back and seeing hows it coming up. 
I have used Gouache paints and Fluorescent Orange poster colours with 3b drawing pencil on watercolour sheet.

Am loving the result, what are your thoughts?

Here are the day to day "work in progress" pictures


                      day 2
                     day 3
                      day 4
                       day 5 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Morocco - A feast for the eyes and taste buds!!

As I have bit of time on my hand these days, am going to play catch with posting my travels pics which I should have done before. Well, here its to 2015 that I will be regular with it.
Anyone out there, do give me a shout of what you think or maybe share yours too.

This is in continuation with my other post.
Morocco was truly a feast to my eyes. My husband found me all teary in one of the hand painted  furniture shop, couldn't help it... everything was so pretty; as if speaking to me.

more to come ...watch this space.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where am going with this

Lately my posts titles are becoming a struggle, I feel as if I need to raise few philosophical questions or raise questions which touches one in a deeper level. Surely its The workshop' s fault, well if I have to blame something, why not.

Am trying to challenge myself these days to forget about the norms I have been taugjt or heard of...myabe try different norms while creating something or aimply just have fun. While experimenting with colours the brush wasnt moving the way I wanted it to, well I needed a deeper connection with paper n colours so I tried fingers. Am not saying am with image I have got ; but its about saying I had fun.

What do you think, am i having fun or making fun?

What are we working on, Now?

Hey everyone,  while our second phase is being stocked at The Laden Showroom, Bricklane , London and SparkleMode, Ireland for Plaincurious...we are getting busy in catalogue ready for the next lot of exciting bits.

Sneaky Pics here for you.

And you can check our updated website

Let us know what you think.