Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2015 CURIO : Shadow Box Show Group Exhibition @ARTiculations

Had a wonderful opportunity to take part in group exhibition with other 129 Artists, called 'Curio: Shadow Box Show. This is second exhibition of its kind for 'ARTiculations -THE EARL SELKIRK GALLERY' owned by two lovely people Heather & Miki along with dog Charlie.

Artists answered an open call for this fun exhibition and each received a small square shadow box with the only stipulation being that they respect the dimensions of the box. The results are an extensive collection of unique ‘cabinets of curiosity’ in simple uniform frames - ARTiculations
It was great to see such beautiful ideas come out of this exhibition, though i could manage to go for only short while for the preview; it was fun to see other Artists. Sharing few of the hurried pics of the display and my box :-) 

my box 'where i spilled colours' 

It took 3 attempts to put that forest of colours together , am really pleased with it.
The exhibition is on till DEC 21, 2015; so if you do visit let me know what you think.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


My mom looked beautiful in blue , it was her birthday few days back. I wanted to keep the tradition to gift flowers to her when we together on her birthday like she and dad used to get for us on our birthdays.So i painted the below drawing....am sure she is happy with it...:-)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Plaincurious Lookbook 5!!

Just finished editing the new lookbook for 'plaincurious' - pretty pleased with it.
Our model  Rivi Kuper is lovely and had a great time during the shoot. I love how the Fall colours compliment the colour of the outfits. We are updating our Etsy site too, get ready for Christmas Shopping.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fashion Week Frenzy - Jovoto

Been happily busy with few creative projects going side by side, one of them I have submitted last night for the Fashion Week Frenzy at Jovoto. It was fun working on the project and being able to see other creatives ideas. Really good work out there. I have already got few lovely comments :-) 
Let me know if you visit it and any thoughts you might have.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Everything Pretty- Patterns from Sketch a day

Been playing around with few doodles from my sketch book and the lovely colour palette I came across on color-collective.com . Am very pleased with the result, any opinions? I love this website for colour palettes, simply beautiful selections.

Rock Collective from Color-Collective.com

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Old Projects

Its good time to finish small old personal projects from the bag.Why delay it further what you can do today, right? Its always easy to find an excuse  to put things to later for certain projects, most of us do. Well recently am bringing my old projects out of the bags and trying to cross them of my list- be it something I want to learn or something I started long back but stopped it as was too busy with work.

The Below Portraits are of, me and my better half (he looks quite serious here) from our Marrakech pictures. I loved the colours so planned to do pencil shading with colourful textile folds of scarves.
Pretty Pleased with it.Earlier on the blog I had already shown my portrait but just finally finished other half's portrait. I love how the odours looks hen put together,

Me with my beautiful scarf

us together 

Trying the new headgear

Friday, October 23, 2015

Trends SS16

Recent changes have brought opportunity of being Fully Freelance Print/Pattern Designer, which am truly enjoying. Hours go by so quickly when am with my sketchbook. Well important part of my schedule goes on research - going thru Pinterest, Style, Fashion Vignette, Color collective ....more websites and many more blogs, to find images suitable for trend boards for my reference and what visually inspires me. I would like to share two trends boards I have been working on based on the Runway Analysis and anything that attracted me.

Let me know what you think? What are you working on?

Oversized Florals

Earth - Navaho Hints

Ethnic - Patchwork, Mix & Match

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall is here!! Part 2

Came across a leaflet yday saying "Make Art Every Day" ...how lovely is that! isn't it?!

Well its time to share a day's Sketch & Pattern that came out of it. Inspired by the beautiful colours,my eyes have been recently feasting upon, I have worked on two colour ways. You Like?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall is here!

A sunny weekend, few idle creative minds; after a pretend mud hotdog stand,a pretend pet shop, a game of tag & my favourite the quiet game (wasn't much success)..what else could we do?To complete the day nice and easy, we went exploring and collected different coloured leaves; we came back with these beautiful shades as keepsake.

Tried to capture the colours at least a bit with watercolours, am happy with result (below), what you think.
These little guys (below) are going to be on their way to few lovely people soon. Lets see what they think when token of Fall arrives in their post.

My niece came up with a bookmark from her collection of leaves; truly its a treat for eyes.Just need to convince her to make few more for all of us in the family ;-)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Fall" - Toronto 2015

Imagine being on a cycle ride going thru usual trail but its just not usual anymore.... the luscious greens are taking a different colour. The reflection in the river is not just green any more ....its Reds, Oranges,Greens,Yellows...Glorious sunshine..Oh the wonderful sun shining on the trees adding to the rich colours. You don't want to ride anymore you just want to look at the gradient trees, the beautiful landscape and just take it in.

You realise you have left shades of greys few months back.
Fall is here or Fall, here we are.

Around Humber Trail
Gradient Trees
Fall colours through Glasses - Butterfly Wing

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Sidetracked" Movie Poster out

Hey All, 
yes, yes I know its been while I have said anything here. Few ups and downs but am back here typing up and sharing.

Last few days I have been busy with Graphic Project of the new movie "SIDETRACKED" Which was indeed fun.The Poster has been finalised and  out today.

Will keep you updated with the Trailer and Release dates. 


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chloe Bakes !!!

Greetings All, 
we have moved bases temporarily from London to Toronto. Well before this exciting move had a chance to work with a wonderful Baker Chloe @Chloe Bakes. Am sharing the fun logo I had chance to work on.

You can contact her and see her wonderful creations at her Facebook page 

Thank you Chloe for being my first Toronto based client.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Artwork 1 - Challenge

Greetings to everyone, on this glorious sunny afternoon.

I tried a challenge long back to do something every week, which sadly wasn't too successful. Rather than beating myself again & again about it, I have given myself a tougher challenge (but of course fun is involved. Like the movie "Julie & Julia"; if you haven't seen the movie do watch it for the coming 365 days I am going to post snapshot of pattern a day; that I have made.

And I do hope you all out there, are going to keep encouraging me.

The one below is developed in photoshop; but now am thinking to add more fun to my pattern a day challenge;all will be developed by hand!!

   Highly Inspired by Annelies's blog , I adore her work; do have a 
  look at her work


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We are Open!! @ Folksy and Etsy

we have opened up our online shops on Folksy and Etsy (yes both :-)) 
We will keep listing new ranges and other crafty bits as we go along. Do keep visiting us and buying too.

Check out our links below



Do visit us :-)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Loving Patterns

Wonderful world of colour and patterns!! 

Past few days I have been working on the below artwork. Leaving my usual habit of rushing and finishing something in couple of hours, I specifically wanted to challenge my paitence while standing back and seeing hows it coming up. 
I have used Gouache paints and Fluorescent Orange poster colours with 3b drawing pencil on watercolour sheet.

Am loving the result, what are your thoughts?

Here are the day to day "work in progress" pictures


                      day 2
                     day 3
                      day 4
                       day 5 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Morocco - A feast for the eyes and taste buds!!

As I have bit of time on my hand these days, am going to play catch with posting my travels pics which I should have done before. Well, here its to 2015 that I will be regular with it.
Anyone out there, do give me a shout of what you think or maybe share yours too.

This is in continuation with my other post.
Morocco was truly a feast to my eyes. My husband found me all teary in one of the hand painted  furniture shop, couldn't help it... everything was so pretty; as if speaking to me.

more to come ...watch this space.