Saturday, February 15, 2014

Museum of Modern Art - Oxford

A trip to Oxford and am glad we planned to pay visit to MOMA.Had heard mixed reviews about it, and hadn't done my research properly of whats on. I think that turned out to be good part, as one had to experience it to understand it.
The Facade could do with some plants nevertheless its still lovely how they kept the bare walls exposed.

Entering thru the shop,walking past the friendly cafe we went to explore Upper Gallery; the big space, lovely ceiling and an installation. Installation - A Storyteller's Inadequacy - EVA KOT'ATKOVA 

Speech Organ of Anna, a girl who pronounces words from the middle 2013
This structured environment of an enlarged speech organ borrows elements from the gym, circus,theatre or playground to provide a variety of props that are activated by performers. They move from synchronised action into complete chaos demonstrating the failures of speech. (David Thorp, Curator)

This part of the exhibition was quite engaging as, one could carry on looking at the performed enacting for a long while…..kind of meting into the big space, continuing what they had to do.

Kot'atkova began her work as an artist creating sculpture and installations that are allegorical proposals for living in a problematical age.Her drawings and collages are blueprints for difficulties that must be surmounted in order to explore the limits of human relationships and behaviour.
The Human scale of each sculptural element within Kot'atkova environments  draws the spectator into a disaffected world in which rules must be obeyed but are not understood.(David Thorp, Curator )

The research boxes which filled the side wall;the collages hanging with help of strings, I felt was a quite unique effective way of involving audience while telling the story.
It was the last day of the exhibition,am pretty glad we went.


One of the other room in MOMA@Oxford had display of selection of archived posters from earlier years to recent times; of what all had been exhibited in MOMA, even before it was called Museum of Modern Art.The Selection subtly suggested the political changes the art movements etc.

While going thru the posters I came across the one for 1982 and some coincidence "six contemporary Indian Photographers- THE OTHER INDIA"….so had to take a poster.

And the Year my other half was born , one of exhibitions that came to MOMA was European Artists, including photographs of Picasso, Miro and Dali.:-)

Will be looking forward to another visit to MOMA @ Oxford, saying that need to visit Ashmolean Museum still!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

WaterColour Study 3

Bright Blue Running shoes have become part of our home this weekend. Ofcourse these were calling out to be painted first before going off to first 10 mile run. :-)