Friday, December 20, 2013

GlassJars enjoying the Farm

Been addicted to Pinterest for awhile now, been pinning things that I could make or (Things I would have thought of making, if I hadn't been busy pinning) and living a virtual life. Be assured, Finally I have broken the spell.Hooray!!!

 Had been saving these glass jars and plastic animals for sometime now, Finally glad they are enjoying a colourful life on our lovely shelf. 

 The White Duck has moved on as a Christmas Present, believe me its loving the new home.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Isabella Blow:Fashion Galore @ Somerset House

Between the rush of Christmas parties and Christmas shopping, am glad I managed to take few hours for this amazingly inspiring exhibition at Somerset House-ISABELLA BLOW:FASHION GALORE.

The exhibition is about the famous icon Isabella "Issy" Blow  (19 November 1958 – 7 May 2007) who introduced the world to amazing talents,names including Philip Treacy, McQueen……Sophie Dahl.Her story has been told well.On display is her amazing designer wardrobe.Short video clips of her various interviews are insightful to understand "Issy" further.A must see exhibition;Philip Treacy's hats on display are work of art, such fine craftsmanship.