Sunday, September 23, 2012

Damien Hirst at Tate Modern

Managed to visit Damien Hirst   on its last weekend at Tate Modern (8.09.12 ) and oh boy! was it worth it.

It was absolutely intriguing, it varied from parts being distasteful to pure celebration of colours.Lovely sunny weekend with a long queue for the last few booking available for show we were just grateful that we had pre bought the tickets.
Millenium Bridge
Got to see the Infamous Shark created in 1991 now replaced by new specimen since 2006, took some sneaky pictures will get to share these here.I didn't realise or actually didn't even imagine the shark box was an intelligent mix of concave and convex glass so that if you are walking up close, you can feel the shark swimming slowly in the ocean.The display under topic of " The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living" sparks a question alongwith some sort of agreement and disagreement in my own mind.
View from the back - The Shark

The display of the cow and calf cut in half were part of amazing thought process, while thinking why would one do this, I still walked through it.
The walls were covered with Spot paintings on different size canvas and walls; it got more intriguing to see his love for colour through the pans and boxes display. His works of the pharmaceuticals cabinets and lab instruments didn't get much of my attention but the wonderful display of "Four Seasons" created by the colour ful medicine display opened my eyes wide. Such lovely colour schemes and palettes , works wonderfully in glass cabinets, alongwith sneaky reflections in the pictures gives a different dimension.
In another room Manufactured Diamonds cut in pill shape were displayed in the similar routine resulting in the whole room to glitter as a big treasure chest, I think I still preferred being among the colourful displays, well then its just me.
His "spin paintings," created on a spinning circular surface, along with "spot paintings", which are rows of randomly coloured circles created by his assistants, were on display too.

Most of Damien Hirst' work revolve around the topic of Life and Death , the same continues through Big butterfly paintings, Designed to resemble a trio of stained-glass windows from a Gothic cathedral, it almost seems to emit light. Next to it displayed were the Kaliedoscopic effect panitings created Mandala patterns,which were amazing delight for the eyes.Even if somebody wants to say but ooh poor butterflies, am sorry but its almost like a scarp book of a kid in love with the wonderful colours of nature and just wants to play around with it.I just wanted to sit in that room and reflect on life, dont know if it was the magic of the room or the colours or the life n death sequence.

 The last but not the least " In and Out of Love " - two room display, with one room filled with bright coloured canvas and butterflies on them arranged in no specfic pattern (according to my mind), with ashtray in middle of the room on a table and then just next to this a room displaying white canvas with cocoons arranged, some of them had manage to live into Butterflies leaving a mark on the canvas but some were yet intact waiting to burst into the new life form.A special room with Moisture control, filled with butterflies flying around was a treat to walk into.One walks softly as if strolling in a butterfly garden suddenly appeared  from nowwhere in midst of this big gallery................................. In and Out of Love certainly.

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