Sunday, May 1, 2016

Visit to Montreal, QC, Canada

After a long planning and going through a list of places we wanted to visit we ended up dividing the quick holiday into two small holidays - Montreal, QC, Canada and Buffalo, New York, US.

We had lovely 3 days in Montreal, booked in Samesun Montreal Central , met lovely people and it was walking distance to most of the places we wanted to visit.I used to get up with beautiful fragrances of freshly Baked Croissants every morning.We managed to cover few touristy and few not so touristy bits...and few amazing cafes.One has to visit Kahwa Cafe on Avenue du Mount Royal E,had beautiful decor and great sandwiches here. The second favourite was a small patisserie just opposite Kahwa Cafe but very tiny sitting space and it was already crowded with the queue so we couldn't get to have sit down experience here.  
We came across Cafe KAFEIN too loved the arts vibe of it and the food. Sandwiches made from Focaccia with grilled vegetables was amazing, loved the baskets these are served in along with few crisps and small portion on salad. we even tried their soup and lemonade really a delight.

Came across loads of runners sprinting up and down on Mount Royal, which was amazing to see.Loved the graffiti filled walls, the walk on Rue DULUTH reminded me of walking on Portobello market, London.

The only thing we didn't like was, too many smokers on the road, found it bit difficult to pass the second hand smoking.

Enough talking here are few pics from the trip.....


  1. Hi Parmeet,

    I love your photos - the colours and textures are fantastic ! Very inspirational ! I must try and find similar for a photography project I am working on at the moment.

    1. Hi Joan, Thank you. Am glad you really like them. Please do share your beautiful pics from the creative Photography project.Would love to see them