Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dishoo Soaps- New Products in Spring/Summer launch

Last year I introduced the label "Dishoo - handmade gorgeous soaps" :-) well they just launched their new products including candy like soaps. They have introduced sleep salves, hand creams, lip balms, solid massage bars and pregnancy belly butters. The brand uses the best ingredients all natural and wonderful essential oils.

I loved working on the packaging and branding, They had their first Spring Craft fair already and the response was awesome.Here are few pics of the labels in design process and the banners that were used on the craft table ;-) cute eh! with coloured pencils and play doh! I had real fun using watercolours and then Playing around with Photoshop.

They are launching their Etsy shop soon, would be exciting to show the final packaging pics!



  1. I love the new packaging for the Dishoo soap. I have some of your chamomile soap, it has a lovely perfume and a fabulously frothy lather ! Looking forward to seeing it and all our new products on your forth coming Esty shop. Please let me now when you are launching it.

    1. Thank you once again, will pass on your message to "Dishoo". Will keep you updated on the launch this month.