Wednesday, January 20, 2016

'Dishoo' Handcrafted Soaps

Past few months went super fast creating Soaps, Labels and Marketing for the Artisan Handcrafted Soaps - 'Dishoo'; my Dad started making . Pretty Creative family, am so thankful for such a blessing :-)

We are happy with the result of the Soaps and the labels, He had his first Collective show too in Toronto during christmas time.It was thrilling to see people admiring the soaps and buying them too.

Few flavours got compliments looking as cakes.Next label will have warning- please don't eat. ;-)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Textile Design Lab: – “Tidal Beachcomber” Collections & Fashion Vignette

I have recently been taking up the Sellable sketch course at Textile Design Lab, which has been truly beneficial in my process of launching myself as a Freelance Print Designer.

At the same time I find the Chelsea's Challenge real fun to work on, these are monthly Design challenges where one gets to develop a whole collection of patterns. The forum consists of lovely bunch of designers who are motivational and helpful if one is stuck. Its just nice to have a different pair of eyes looking at one's work.

Last Month Challenge was about  WGSN story - 'Tidal Beachcomber'  and :-)
My work has been showcased among few other designers on their blog  woohoooo!!

.....its such a push to do more exciting work for my portfolio.

                         Came across the post being shared at Fashion Vignette too :-) chuffed

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Curio Box sold!!

Happy New Year, Beautiful People.
Hope you all had a wonderful time am back in Toronto now so looking to add regular weekly updates.

Am very excited to share good news about my last blog post...I Sold my Curio Box !!
such thrilling news and such a motivational news to carry on being creative and trying new things.Wonderful new year!!