Saturday, October 31, 2015

Old Projects

Its good time to finish small old personal projects from the bag.Why delay it further what you can do today, right? Its always easy to find an excuse  to put things to later for certain projects, most of us do. Well recently am bringing my old projects out of the bags and trying to cross them of my list- be it something I want to learn or something I started long back but stopped it as was too busy with work.

The Below Portraits are of, me and my better half (he looks quite serious here) from our Marrakech pictures. I loved the colours so planned to do pencil shading with colourful textile folds of scarves.
Pretty Pleased with it.Earlier on the blog I had already shown my portrait but just finally finished other half's portrait. I love how the odours looks hen put together,

Me with my beautiful scarf

us together 

Trying the new headgear

Friday, October 23, 2015

Trends SS16

Recent changes have brought opportunity of being Fully Freelance Print/Pattern Designer, which am truly enjoying. Hours go by so quickly when am with my sketchbook. Well important part of my schedule goes on research - going thru Pinterest, Style, Fashion Vignette, Color collective ....more websites and many more blogs, to find images suitable for trend boards for my reference and what visually inspires me. I would like to share two trends boards I have been working on based on the Runway Analysis and anything that attracted me.

Let me know what you think? What are you working on?

Oversized Florals

Earth - Navaho Hints

Ethnic - Patchwork, Mix & Match

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall is here!! Part 2

Came across a leaflet yday saying "Make Art Every Day" lovely is that! isn't it?!

Well its time to share a day's Sketch & Pattern that came out of it. Inspired by the beautiful colours,my eyes have been recently feasting upon, I have worked on two colour ways. You Like?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall is here!

A sunny weekend, few idle creative minds; after a pretend mud hotdog stand,a pretend pet shop, a game of tag & my favourite the quiet game (wasn't much success)..what else could we do?To complete the day nice and easy, we went exploring and collected different coloured leaves; we came back with these beautiful shades as keepsake.

Tried to capture the colours at least a bit with watercolours, am happy with result (below), what you think.
These little guys (below) are going to be on their way to few lovely people soon. Lets see what they think when token of Fall arrives in their post.

My niece came up with a bookmark from her collection of leaves; truly its a treat for eyes.Just need to convince her to make few more for all of us in the family ;-)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Fall" - Toronto 2015

Imagine being on a cycle ride going thru usual trail but its just not usual anymore.... the luscious greens are taking a different colour. The reflection in the river is not just green any more ....its Reds, Oranges,Greens,Yellows...Glorious sunshine..Oh the wonderful sun shining on the trees adding to the rich colours. You don't want to ride anymore you just want to look at the gradient trees, the beautiful landscape and just take it in.

You realise you have left shades of greys few months back.
Fall is here or Fall, here we are.

Around Humber Trail
Gradient Trees
Fall colours through Glasses - Butterfly Wing