Sunday, March 17, 2013

Switzerland - Bern,Lake Thun and Basel

Last May had a wonderful opportunity to visit Switzerland, took loads of pictures from my Manual SLR Nikon and few from my phone. Finally am getting a chance to share few quick pictures from my phone, so quality is bit grubby but will do for visual diary.

The pictures below are mixed collection of site seeing, beautiful places that I want to remember and Art on the streets. 

Loved these open community chess.....there were loads of these about in Bern. I think its a wonderful in this time of digital age to bind with such games in open spaces and these are free to play with.
Einstein,  while living in Berne, "turned upside down" the world view of physics
Unfortunately couldn't go into Einstein's house as it was closed for renovations, maybe next time.

We visited Paul Klee is museum which is designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.Its a magnificent building and the red sculpture that you could see in the below picture looks wonderful and thought provoking with the magnificent views as its back drop.
Paul Klee (German pronunciation: [ˈkleː]; 18 December 1879 – 29 June 1940) was born inMünchenbuchsee, Switzerland, and is considered both a German and a Swiss[a] painter. His highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included expressionism,cubism, and surrealism

Came across this bendy spoon in Paul Klee museum 's cafe. Haven't seen these ones before, these comfortably sit on the glass/cup.

On the Basement level of the museum there is Kids Art interaction studio, visiting this space made me realise for the first time that later on I would love to work with kids in Art Studio as a teacher ....its added to my list of to do things. ;-)Would love to take my kids to similar spaces won't you?

Canvas lined up together, how much fun the kids must have had on these.....Splash of Colour, Splash of Creativity and Splash of Expression.

Awwww...... Lake Thun, where the natural beauty still seems untouched. A visit here energized me so much, had my lungs take fresh air,eyes to have such visual treat, got to meditate and later on even heard music played by cows while walking down the hill to graze....a special treat indeed.
Lake Thun (GermanThunersee) is an Alpine lake in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. It took its name from the city of Thun, on its northern shore.

Art on the Streets :-)

Couldn't resist but smile and walk through the marked area.

Have seen loads of barber shops with magazine cut outs to show hairstyles, but dont think have ever come across a window with sketches on display of different hairstyles or services you can get.

 Hanging Around, not sure who's work is it. Do you know?

Can you see a figure in there? or is it just me?

What a wonderful quote on a Indian restaurant "Make Samosas not War"

On a university board :-)

Introduction to Cheese Fondue,Have pictures of everything around it but not the Fondue itself...guess i was pretty busy eating it.YUMMM.

A colour board???

Loved this Resturant with its browns, ochres with oranges and blues :-)

Prettiness from Basel (Located in northwest Switzerland on the river Rhine, Basel functions as a major industrial centre for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry -, below.

Can you see painting on the below wall, Father and daughter peaking out of the window? 

Tshirt Hanging on the it out for drying or just there to colour co-ordinate?

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