Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creative Gibberish

Am a collector of old boxes or anything that contains, not only that once I have it :-) its really difficult not to 
leave a mark of my own on it - be it with a brush or with trimmings.
Below finally sharing few bits of creative gibberish that's going on Folksy shop soon !!!

Keep checking the space more to come.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Columbia Flower Market

 The Trip to East London - nice sunny walk from Liverpool street to Columbia Flower Market on a sunday morning...Flowers here we come.
Came across this Hackney house, it looked amazing ,all of a sudden a lovely red colour appearing among grey buildings.The House  has been nominated for People's choice  in Hackney Design Awards. you can know more about the house here http://www.hackneyhouse.org/

The Visit to Columbia Flower market http://www.columbiaroad.info/flowermarket.html was promising as always....a full burst of colours and lovely people (sellers/customers and tourists), fragrance of coffee on cold yet sunny morning and cakes what else you need??
On starting of Columbia road  found this picture perfect cycle posing next to freshly painted walls.

Columbia Market was established in 1869 by the philanthropist Angela Burdett-Coutts as a covered food market with 400 stalls.The building was demolished in 1958, although the remains of railings can be seen in front of the Nursery School. Sivill House and the Dorset Estate replaced the Coutts buildings.
The enduring interest and demand for cut flowers and plants were introduced by to East End by Huguenot immigrants, together with a fascination for caged song birds– the pub at the end of the market is called The Birdcage.The market suffered in World War II from rules prioritising food production, and went into a long decline. A large civilian shelter beneath the market suffered a direct hit by a 50 kg bomb on the night of Saturday, 7 September 1940, at the height of The Blitz.

The senses get massive treat here,as its not only the fresh food in cafes,flowers or garden materials but also lovely small galleries and shops that will pull you in.Shops must visit are Jesse Chorley and Buddug and Elphick's


 158 Columbia Road is decorated in their signature vintage homemade style. This shop encompasses the warm feeling of discovering a 'one off

Mosiac on the Columbia Road Wall

Explorer of the day 

Its very easy to cover the three lovely three markets in East End on sunday , we walked from Liverpool to Columbia Flower Market - Bricklane Market-Spitalfields and back to Liverpool 
below are few street art we found on the way .....I love how colours enrich the walls of this part of the woods

Adore the brown bags with the Portrait on the wall.

Am unaware of the Artist's name who created these beauties, but I hope they get to see my blog as I would love to say I think his/her work is amazing. 

 I tried to find out more about this lonesome goat sculpture in this concrete jungle near spitalfields market, but i didn't hit much of success. I do like the quirkiness of it.Please let me know if you know the where abouts of this lovely creature.