Saturday, June 23, 2012


Travelling, visiting friends n family,filling sketch books, jotting down of few mental notes and always imagining a blog with sparks of creativity every now and then while most importantly appreciating the world around, here I am ...with a song in my head and humming to my own tune.Here am sharing couple of pics with the thoughts that ran through my mind and the drawings/ideas that took form from it.

This is shot from the last day boat ride that we managed to add in our busy yet relaxed schedule, i love the symmetry that came across architecture in Copenhagen. Modern yet simple symmetry said everything and contained the space well.

The stock exchange tower from far away, Mette did tell me more about this but cant recollect at this stage. Do admire the spiral tower, forming a claw near the roof, quite admirable architecture.
The building with black balcony, its near the flat I was staying and since i came across it first time it reminded me of matchboxes stack on top of each other. A space created by rectangle and squares, simple yet very stern. The black balcony does create a statement against the blue skies the red roof. I did came across loads of similar buildings around Copenhagen.
The tree forming varied hands with its branches and at almost every tip a sprout of greenery shining through has something fantastical about it. as if there is a silent music playing and the tree is dancing to its tune.

Was just blown away with the magnitude of this painting in National Gallery of Denamrk, feel quite silly that I cant seem to remember the Artist's name. The strong lines and colour combinations seem to be shouting out but still in a very harmonious way. I find the bold lines very inspiring and really looking forward to sharing my drawings here based on this trip, especially on this artwork.

Couldn't help but pose in front of the another colourful work by the same artist, I love the composition and the colour story flowing through this image. Funnily enough the most common tourist picture I have come across also reminds me of these paintings. Its a beautiful site to sea the boats and colourful buildings lined up on the Copenhagen's water front on the Nyhavn (New Harbor). One of the most famous residents of Nyhavn was the fairy tale writer Hans Christain Anderson

Few of the other things that have left a mark on my little grey cells is the Lithograph exhibition in Statens Museum of Kunst (National Art Gallery) and my introduction to Royal Copenhagen mug  which was instant love affair, enjoying coffee in museum cafe overlooking Østre Anlæg, a park which was once part of Copenhagen's fortifications. 

A trip down the Fairy Tales once again, Luckily The little Mermaid statue (based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson -one of the Copenhagen Icon and major tourist attraction) was back in Langelinie Pier after the world tour.  The statue is made of bronze , originally was a gift to the city donated by brewer Carl Jacobsen in 1913. She looks sad yet at peace on her little rock wishing to be on the shore, I wonder what all goes through her mind seeing all the toursists jumping from the shore to the rocks to get a picture next to her.

The Black Diamond - the Royal Library in Copenhagen, is the largest library in Nordic countries. its named black Diamond because of its black marble and glass facade, so that you can see the sea reflection. Alongwith library it houses a concert hall. You can find better pictures online esp here

One of the main reasons of the visit was to be able to attend my Danish friend Mette Gravlev Poulsen's ceramics exhibition, and it was sure worth it. I know her since 7 years back now and her work just amazes me every time. The above picture is one of my favorites from the collection on display -it reminds me of feeling of heart leaping and sometimes a torso trying to look down. I love her style of simplicity but still containing so much of depth. I will write more about her work in future posts.
Till then you can see enjoy more of her work  on